Matador Advisory

A full-service blockchain advisor

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Matador believes block chain technology will revolutionize the securities market.


We started as investment bankers and private equity partners. Historically, private markets provide minimal liquidity and going public carries high costs. Working at Polymath, we saw that the blockchain could solve many of these problems from legacy capital markets.


We also realized that issuers needed end-to-end blockchain advisory solutions in order to take advantage of these new opportunities. This was the genesis for Matador.


We are focused on the new digital asset economy. Launching your first securities token is hard. Obstacles, among many, are time, capital, and complexity. We're here to help.



We assist companies in creating either security or utility tokens to usher in a new era of the global financial system.

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Token Sale Advisory

We offer end-to-end ICO solutions. We can structure your token's mechanics and economics, offer marketing services and access to our established investor network, and competently play quarterback to guide your project from ideation to completion.

Deep Relationships

We work with leaders in the industry and built Polymath's partnerships, including tZERO (securities token exchange), Katipult (first KYC portal on Polymath), and Agrello (legally binding smart contracts). Matador leverages Polymath's strategic position in the market, with access to its world-class advisors and thought leadership.

Platform Tools (KYC/AML)

We integrate fully into Polymath's security token launchpad and its KYC/AML portals.

Smart Contract Development

Our developers can design and audit your security or utility token. We consult on the key technical aspects of your offering.

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Value Proposition

We structure and advise our client's token sale from ideation to completion.

We connect issuers to funding, a pathyway to liquidity, and a strong investor community. We were key members of Polymath's record-breaking launch (first ICO project to hit 50,000 members in Telegram). We've spun off and with newly dedicated advisory resources are laser focused on achieving our client's goals.


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